What Others Say

  • Lori G.
    If you like 50’s dinners you’ll love this place. They serve adult beverages!! Great food and awesome atmosphere!
    Lori G.
  • Matthew Y.
    Wide open windows , great atmosphere for lunchtime when working around Woodward! Great food!
    Matthew Y.
  • Paula Q.
    The cooks, wait staff and bartenders do a great job. The atmosphere remains 50’s and 60’s Woodward Avenue party nights. Fun place to go.
    Paula Q.
  • Cindy A.
    pizza is excellent! so are the onion rings
    Cindy A.

Tell Us How We Did

The guest is the most important person in our restaurant, and we are here because of you. Whether it was a great experience, or not-so-great, we want to hear from you.

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